Digital Scars

by Malice Machine

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An Industrial mesh of electronics, heavy guitars, and twisted sounds driven by melodic and distorted vocals.


released February 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Malice Machine Williamsport, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: My Virus
In these eyes
And in this mind
Move across
assembly lines
No more hurt
Never heals
Flesh now burned into cutting steel

Sometimes I think I'm
a system breakdown
Sometimes I think I'm just
a bad machine

You are my...

Blood and circuit
reflective stare
without reason or need to care
Every program
metal gear the same
Micro processed and forged from pain



Digital sickness, cyber extreme
God will not save an infected machine

Sometimes I think I'm
a system breakdown
Sometimes I think I'm
a bad machine
Sometimes my circuits crossed with faulty wires
Sometimes I think it's just not what it seems

Sometimes I think I am
a system breakdown
Sometimes I think I'm just
a bad machine
Sometimes my circuits crossed with faulty wires
Sometimes I think it's just a slow disease

[Chorus out]
Track Name: We Breed Insects
Consecrated in blood
the voiceless creatures that you use up
and discard, just throw away
Toxic, like a pack of dogs
flesh is meat, resources you infect with your machine

Sanctified by the lust that you feed
ever refined in a world of greed

Call this evolution
smells like shit to me
Suicide and the stench of progress
spreading the disease
You can cover your eyes
deny everything we kill
In the end, sometimes
I think we just deserve to breed

Created in your own image
we subjugate, eradicate
every living thing
constructing your graveyard
Infesting overlords
devoid of conscience or remorse
defective in your basic design

Soon extinct
burn it into your mind
we are all to blame for our vanity
So much blood spilling into my eyes
Scab covered wounds never heal
Soon extinct
burn it into your mind
We are all to blame for our apathy
So much blood spilling into my eyes
maggots in the womb


We kill everything
We kill everything
Sometimes I think we just deserve...


you get what you deserve
Track Name: Venom Me
In the hate and in the lies
as you deceive
seething in the fire
Now you learn how to bleed
Everyone I trust
tears the skin off my back
As my trust turns to dust
better learn to believe

I am your enemy
I am your enemy
I am the hate you breed
I am your enemy

Fester my meat in flies
in decay
eviscerated in my eyes
as you betray
Soul is broken full of sores
Nothing inside no more
but anger

In the silent coldness that infected my brain
sickness in the emptiness, humanity insane
Falls through the cracks into dark misery
Nothing left of anything, nothing left of me


Behind a serrated grin
malevolent stare
sin my affliction and all of you my despair
Faith in the violence that's sacred in me
you can faith I am your enemy

Right beside you
I despise you
I am the prototype of all of your lies
Burning inside is only anger in me
Another victim in a broken machine

All you fade as the light once in me
as the venom washes over my shame
nothing in me, no sign of life
An empty shell reprogrammed to inflict pain

I am the product of your greed and corruption
Another symptom of the hate we feed
In a world of rotting flesh maggots we are
masturbating and believing we're clean

I am your enemy...
Track Name: Digital Christ
Crucified lives
machines of bio-hatred
Infected, faith
carbon parasitic disease
In divine, rise a new messiah
obsolete circuit, synthetic god

Vile, septic
defective, human error
sterilized minds
self inflicted slavery
Designed digital
neural savior
God is now integrated LCD

Cyber Christ
Cyber Christ


programmed system infrastructure
Postmortem silicone decay
into my void seething digital scars
a terminal deviation
epidemic, I give
I bleed insecticide
Cyber-optic worship of the new messiah
only violence on my screen


[Chorus out]
Track Name: Defect
I am a synthetic lie
inside a synthetic womb
a symptom of the disease
that complicates the system

Injected, infected
a flawed dissect and severed mind
Advise terminating me before I spread

I can simulate myself and multiply in you
No internal cyber septic way to stop me
I will infiltrate like a virus
assimilate the machine

I will sever and define a way to erase you
Never let a biomech with hate in through
I am void and my head is static
a bio killing machine

inside this empty cold shell
No hope, no trust, no belief
in anyone
I'm just an insect in a fucked up world
My eyes are filled with deceit

Wired and jacked through and through
In cybernetic despair
my flesh and blood has been fused inside a digital stare
Effective, defective
I am an error in design
Am I nothing left of me
of what I am

I can simulate myself and multiply in you
No internal cyber septic way to stop me
I will infiltrate like a virus
assimilate the machine

I will sever and define a way to replace you
scanner optic prototype that turned on you
I am void and my head is static
a cryogenic disease

You made me what I am
Now I am terminal static
You made me defective and of no use
Now I am terminal static
Terminal static

infect this cyborg with a terminal virus
don't believe there's nothing I can do
everything that I have ever believed in
turned me into this broken machine
I can hate this cybernetic decay
that programmed me
and fucked up this system
Nothing left to do but just shut down
and wait for you to just delete me

Track Name: Only the Void
Deception, lies
we welcome our own slavery
Redemption, dissection
the truth is crucified

Like brainwashed minds
sedated bliss to it's infection
terminal and blind
naive to our own demise

Exposing flesh, diseased in ripe decay
open and sore like a scab that won't go away
A vile race of lust and greed
look into the abyss as your freedom slowly bleeds

Oppression, , deception
machinery of hate
a system only designed to enslave you
Corruption, injustice
until the end
You just defy your silent voices
sow the seeds of their tyranny

Only the void of a nihilistic future
Human dreamless boxes filled with sightless eyes
Like expendable gears, silent effigy of no tomorrow
Sold in the womb to the God of greed


Propaganda suicide
You are nothing more then merchandise
to corporations and their lies
They don't give a fuck if you live or die



Track Name: Slave Nation
In the desolate eyes of the enemy
Fall to your knees as they integrate your slavery
Fatal like a virus injected in the circuitry
Tell you to bleed,
get in line as you fall

Mental medication
Human race disease
Selling you salvation
Welcome to the new slave nation

Media blind, you believe what they tell you
swarming like flies you are just spoiled meat
invalid and ineffective
brainwashed tell you what to do
Stay asleep like mindless insects
as they slowly dissect you


They what your mind
They want your soul

Infected leaders feeding you lies
Like infesting parasites bleeding you dry
All insane in spite and madness
intersects in truth
useless flesh and sick humanity
epidemic you


I will not comply
Track Name: Infest
Cyro synthetic infected human plague
digitalized in an epidemic outbreak
Host detects intruder viral in me
immunize, sterilize carbon bio enemy

Something's wrong inside me
What you do to me is hard to believe
I will live on, system clean
neo lies, sanitize
never fucked up this machine

In vain, invalid
flesh, bone, obsolete
Severed dissected venom into my eyes
No redeeming value, terminate breed
assimilate, eviscerate, neutralize

Blood and puss in cybernetic despair
sweat and semen in a digital stare
wires and sickness flow into me
acid into my veins

I inject you
I reject you
I dissect you
I infest you

Infestation bio machine
no defect can ever cover these scars
insect intellect, neural glitch reject
integrating as you bleed

I am programmed to hate you
prime directive is pure
In my revolt breeds decay anarchy seed in you

I don't know what I was
but I know what I've become
seething dark and slithering
in a fading requiem



In a world of shit inflicted mind-fucking madness
and everything indicative of your breed
in the bile and corruption, in the lies and deceit
and the wars that you wage most endlessly
Your god is indifferent to your suffering and misery
doesn't seem to matter, doesn't seem to care
Your existence is of no importance
You are erased

I infest
Track Name: End of Everything
In a vain disintegration
program minds scanned and dissected
medication for the masses
purifies the lies that you believe

Conceived you're taught to fear
betrayed in trust by those you worship
and now your fate is sealed
and all you knew has crumbled into dust

in all you find
in all you see
in all your pain and misery
You fell inline
you were deceived
and now it's the end of everything

sanctified in lies evading any logic
all is said and done
Too terrified to see a generation lost
in the empty void of time
extinguishing without a trace
nothing left but human ashes
A testament to a suicidal race
a suicidal race

The enemy is everyone in all of you
the soul that we crucified and left to bleed
The fear inside multiplies in a world of madness
and in the end, nothing can save you from you


We are the fading light in sightless eyes
What else could you be?
We are the final breath in your demise
What else could you be?
We are the empty space that lies between
What else could you be?
We are the very end of everything
What else could you be?