Venom Me

from by Malice Machine

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In the hate and in the lies
as you deceive
seething in the fire
Now you learn how to bleed
Everyone I trust
tears the skin off my back
As my trust turns to dust
better learn to believe

I am your enemy
I am your enemy
I am the hate you breed
I am your enemy

Fester my meat in flies
in decay
eviscerated in my eyes
as you betray
Soul is broken full of sores
Nothing inside no more
but anger

In the silent coldness that infected my brain
sickness in the emptiness, humanity insane
Falls through the cracks into dark misery
Nothing left of anything, nothing left of me


Behind a serrated grin
malevolent stare
sin my affliction and all of you my despair
Faith in the violence that's sacred in me
you can faith I am your enemy

Right beside you
I despise you
I am the prototype of all of your lies
Burning inside is only anger in me
Another victim in a broken machine

All you fade as the light once in me
as the venom washes over my shame
nothing in me, no sign of life
An empty shell reprogrammed to inflict pain

I am the product of your greed and corruption
Another symptom of the hate we feed
In a world of rotting flesh maggots we are
masturbating and believing we're clean

I am your enemy...


from Digital Scars, released February 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Malice Machine Williamsport, Pennsylvania

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