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Cyro synthetic infected human plague
digitalized in an epidemic outbreak
Host detects intruder viral in me
immunize, sterilize carbon bio enemy

Something's wrong inside me
What you do to me is hard to believe
I will live on, system clean
neo lies, sanitize
never fucked up this machine

In vain, invalid
flesh, bone, obsolete
Severed dissected venom into my eyes
No redeeming value, terminate breed
assimilate, eviscerate, neutralize

Blood and puss in cybernetic despair
sweat and semen in a digital stare
wires and sickness flow into me
acid into my veins

I inject you
I reject you
I dissect you
I infest you

Infestation bio machine
no defect can ever cover these scars
insect intellect, neural glitch reject
integrating as you bleed

I am programmed to hate you
prime directive is pure
In my revolt breeds decay anarchy seed in you

I don't know what I was
but I know what I've become
seething dark and slithering
in a fading requiem



In a world of shit inflicted mind-fucking madness
and everything indicative of your breed
in the bile and corruption, in the lies and deceit
and the wars that you wage most endlessly
Your god is indifferent to your suffering and misery
doesn't seem to matter, doesn't seem to care
Your existence is of no importance
You are erased

I infest


from Digital Scars, released February 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Malice Machine Williamsport, Pennsylvania

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