We Breed Insects

from by Malice Machine

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Consecrated in blood
the voiceless creatures that you use up
and discard, just throw away
Toxic, like a pack of dogs
flesh is meat, resources you infect with your machine

Sanctified by the lust that you feed
ever refined in a world of greed

Call this evolution
smells like shit to me
Suicide and the stench of progress
spreading the disease
You can cover your eyes
deny everything we kill
In the end, sometimes
I think we just deserve to breed

Created in your own image
we subjugate, eradicate
every living thing
constructing your graveyard
Infesting overlords
devoid of conscience or remorse
defective in your basic design

Soon extinct
burn it into your mind
we are all to blame for our vanity
So much blood spilling into my eyes
Scab covered wounds never heal
Soon extinct
burn it into your mind
We are all to blame for our apathy
So much blood spilling into my eyes
maggots in the womb


We kill everything
We kill everything
Sometimes I think we just deserve...


you get what you deserve


from Digital Scars, released February 6, 2017



all rights reserved


Malice Machine Williamsport, Pennsylvania

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